adress: Tbilisi, Ts. Dadiani 7, shopping center '' QARVASLA'', 4 floor, a 426 tel/fax : +995 322 66 75 54

mob : +995 579 57 75 55; +995 597 46 77 00.

About us

  The company "Best Cars" after 11 years of work expirience was formed in the present form and founded in 16th of February 2011. Our company is composed of distinguished professionals and expirienced group, whose main motto is the highest quality service and trust.

  We can buy your favorite car in Japan or Korea and take their transportation to the port of the city (Poti,Batumi), if desired, up to Tbilisi. The company provides a unique opportunity for our customers to satisfy their interest with attractive quality and price compared to rival companies.

  The company "Best Cars" provides an impartial and reliable information about real condition of offered cars, open and transparent actions.

  we aim to take a leading position in the sector of auto market.

  Our priorities are: 1) The highest level of service.

                                 2) Transparency and loyalty.

                                 3) High quality and low price.

                                 4) Insurance and fast delivery.

                                 5) And of course the BEST CARS.

  If interested, please contact us by e-mail:     




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